What do we offer?

Staff loans have become a thing of the past with new regulations in place that make lending money to your employees difficult and risky. FCF allows you to offer your staff ethical loans that protect both the employee and the employer. FCF remove the admin involved and takes on all the risk, allowing for a better workplace and happy employees.

Allowing FCF to control the granting of staff loans helps keep the employer and employee relationship in a healthy state. The employer does not take a risk by using FCF and we coordinate with the employee to ensure a smooth process.

Staff Loans are FREE for the employer

How does it work?

Signing up is as easy as 123…

  1. Talk to one of our agents to set up your staff loan contract with FCF.
  2. FCF will then introduce staff loans to the employees by sending mailers or inserting brochures in payslips for each individual.
  3. FCF will work through the application with the employee and HR Department


Applying is simpler…
  1. The employee sends us an SMS
  2. Our call centre contacts the employee telephonically
  3. Employment is confirmed, and the affordability assessment is done
  4. If the loan is approved the loan will be paid into the employee’s bank account within 24 hours
  5. Deductions are made monthly from payroll